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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hummel: Fall 2010 Collection & Launch Party!

We are proud to announce the launch of Hummel shoes not only in North America, but now at the Plush Boutique!

In celebration, The Plush Boutique is hosting the official
Hummel Fall Collection Launch Party @ Splice feat: the Plush & Flavour DJs - downtown Peterborough.
Drinks, dancing, free giveaways & prizes to be had! It's going to be a blast, so you should definitely come down!

Take a look at part of the Hummel fall collection below plus a brief history of how the company came to be.

The Hummel History Lesson:

"1923. The first. The foundation.

It took a rainy pitch, a soccer team with no traction and the industrial mind of one young German shoemaker by the name of Albert Messmer to realize that a little more grip might go a long way in the game of winning. And the first soccer cleat was born, setting the foundation for the modern game.

That first soccer cleat was the keystone to what was to become hummel, a performance footwear and athletics company, making shoes for cycling, hiking, handball and of course soccer. By the late 60\'s hummel was also producing some of Europe\'s leading athletic apparel and garnering a lot of attention. The 70\'s and 80\'s saw hummel, its chevrons and the bumblebee logo expand sales across Europe and find a new home in Denmark. By 2004, hummel had become the official brand of the Danish National Soccer Team, worn by the Royal Family, and many an athlete looking for an edge.

2010 marks the launch of the hummel in North America.

Character since 1923."

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