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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Spring John Varvatos!

     The highly anticipated spring shipment of John Varvatos has arrived! With the same amazing fits and fabrics that are ever so soft and light to accomodate the summer heat and breeze. We are so excited to see the hit of colour this JV collection is offering while still providing the neutral colour bases that make these peices easy to integrate into your closet.

taupe, yellow, red, tan, orange and blue in this guy. what wouldn't it work with?

Lightweight side pocket with a zipper, an easy peice for summer and great for nightime with a tee or lightweight button up

beige buttons imitate a natural wood look

Pale green with a forest green stripe. Super lightweight and great with denim, shorts or chinos

Keep the buttoned up look edgey with these double zipper pockets

This peice has a thin wire in the collar and cuffs making the look casual and allowing a little play in the movement

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