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Monday, November 5, 2012

How to Get the Most Out of Your Fall Jackets

We are at the time of year that is very much in between. When we wake up in the mornings we are not sure what to expect, mild and sunny or grey and chilly? For these reasons it becomes vital that we find the right weight of pieces for layering. We aren't ready to throw on our down jackets and be layering blazers under them, we just are not there yet. So lets look at ways to dress for the chilly air that actually transition into indoor looks as well. We're talking the light coats and heavier sports jackets, each with some detail or interest to give you the outside protection as well as the indoor impression.

QSW wool jacket- $129.00
The roomier fit allows heavier sweaters to be layered underneath.

Free People Jacket- $165.0
Tailored enough for an indoor look and easier bundled up with a heavy scarf and gloves.

Free People Floral Blazer- $150.0
Heavy wool turtleneck or large circle scarf will make this piece easy to transition.

John Varvatos Double Breasted Sweater/Jacket- $350.00
In a thick & soft wool material nothing beats the look of this indoor/outdoor piece. Wear as a blazer indoors and jacket outdoors.

John Varvatos- $489.00
Dress for success in this one of a kind wool sports jacket.

John Varvatos- $350.00
Try a scarf, shawl collar heavy knit or even a collared shirt under the sleek zip up jacket that will be sure to make an impression.

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